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Abstract submission

The abstract submission deadline has passed. Late registration is still open.

Abstracts were solicited on the following topics:

  1. State-of-the-art numerical models of the coupled solar atmosphere, including single-fluid MHD models, multiple species and kinetic approaches
  2. Energy supply and transport into the solar atmosphere (up to top of photosphere), including small-scale turbulent fields, generation and coupling of wave modes, vorticity, Alfven waves, internal gravity waves,
  3. Chromospheric (non-LTE) diagnostics, including optically thick lines, spectropolarimetry, inversion codes,
  4. The role of magnetic fields in the coupled solar atmosphere, including flux emergence and field extrapolations,
  5. Energy transport and dissipation in the solar atmosphere, including, magnetic waves, braiding, chromosphere-corona mass cycle, magnetic reconnection, heating of the chromosphere, atmospheric seismology,
  6. Coupling on large scales and into the solar wind, including role of topology in coronal energetics, full forward models of global corona, outflows, connections into the solar wind,... The meeting will focus on the quiescent state of the solar atmosphere, i.e., the non-eruptive, non-flaring conditions in coronal holes, quiet Sun and active regions.

Please check our detailed preliminary program (including break-out sessions) here.

When submitting an abstract, please indicate if you prefer an oral, poster or e-poster contribution. E-poster presenters will be able to connect their laptop to one of several large flat-screen HD displays in the poster hall to present their results (including movies).

Last Updated on Saturday, 21 January 2012 15:24